Panel 22 (Rustinsyah)

The Role of the Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group) in the Beach Tourism and Its Impact on the Development of Panyuran Village, Tuban District, East Java, Indonesia

Panel organizer

Prof. Dr. Rustinsyah (Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya)



Panel abstract

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has many beaches, one of which is Kelapa Beach in Panyoran Village, Palang District. Tuban Regency. Kelapa Beach is managed by the local village community and members of the POKDARWIS (Tourism Awareness Group). Based on the Decree of the Head of the Culture Tourism and Youth Sports Office of Tuban Regency Number: 188.45/53/KPTS/414.102/2018, regarding the formation of the Kelapa Beach Tourism POKDARWIS, the Management Structure consists of six Managers and five POKJA members (Working Groups). The institution has an important role in the development of coastal tourism. Therefore this paper examines the role of POKDARWIS (Tourism Awareness Group) in the development of beach tourism in the village. In developing this beach tourism, the role of POKDARWIS is very large as an activator, planner, and manager in the development of beach tourism. For this reason, research was carried out using a qualitative approach in 2022. The role of POKDARWIS in developing Kelapa Desa beach tourism. The results of this study indicate that the role of POKDARWIS is very large in developing Panjuran beach tourism. This is indicated by the increasing number of beach tourism visits, the increasing number of infrastructure facilities, the higher income and the positive impact on rural development. The positive impacts of tourism development include opening up employment opportunities for the surrounding community, improving people’s welfare, contributing income to villages and local governments and participating in physical and non-physical development.
Keywords: POKDARWIS (Tourism Awareness Group), beach tourism development, rural development.

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