Panel 21 (Rossmoeller, Woiwode)

Sustainability in India: transdisciplinary perspectives of the Indo-German Center for Sustainability

Panel organizers

Anica Rossmoeller, M.A. (WWU Münster)
Dr. Christoph Woiwode (IIT Madras)



Panel abstract

This panel aims to discuss the interdependencies between the three’ pillars of sustainability in the case of India’s ambitions of a sustainable transformation through the work of the Indo-German Center for Sustainability (IGCS). While all three aspects already offer more than enough challenges on their own, it is only in considering their interdependencies that a sustainable transformation will be successful. India’s role in achieving a sustainable lifestyle can not be underrated: as the home of one-sixth of the world population and the second largest emitter of CO2 in absolute numbers, the race against climate change cannot be won without India’s engagement. Furthermore, India’s multireligious and multicultural society continues to fight questions on equality and poverty while at the same time being part of the leading economies of the world. Sustainability research in India has to consider these seemingly paradox conditions and offer innovative solutions from an interdisciplinary perspective.
The panel shall present different research projects and works by IGCS scholars and fellows covering the four main research fields of ‘Energy’, ‘Water Use’, ‘Waste Management’, and ‘Land Use, Urban and Rural Development’. In offering presentations by different disciplines, the panel offers in detail perspectives on different disciplinary approaches toward sustainability. To embrace these different approaches, the second half of the panel will bring the different speakers together in a panel discussion. Through this, the panel offers a better understanding of the transdisciplinary – as well as intercultural – challenges of India’s sustainability transformation.

Paper submission

This panel is already closed for paper submission.