Sustainable Urban Regions: Synthesizing Current Research Endeavours In East And South-East Asia

Panel organised by: Katharina Borgmannn (Hafencity University Hamburg)


Panel topic

Sustainable Urbanisation in South and East Asia

Panel description

It is one of the most pressing issue across all disciplines and requires holistic approaches with cross-disciplinary perspectives and expertise.

The undersigned team from the Hafencity University Hamburg (HCU) and the Technische Hochschule Lübeck (THL) of the BMBF-funded research project ‘Sustainable Urban Regions’ is excited to present this double panel under the Title: “Sustainable Urban Regions: Synthesizing Current Research Endeavours In East And South-East Asia” for the 2021 edition of the biannual DGA conference (Duisburg/online).

The development of urban areas in emerging and developing countries has faced challenges in the recent years that stem from growing dynamism, complexity, and pressure to act. Areas such as decreasing living and environmental conditions, insufficient resilience, or poor controllability by decision-makers and institutions have re-iterated themselves as being problematic. These circumstances put civil and public actors in the position of necessity to offer intelligent, feasible strategies for improving local conditions, opening economic perspectives, and fitting cities and regions with sustainable processes and systems. The proposed double panel will be held in English and is conceptualized around the project Sustainable Urban Regions, which is designed to oversee and synthesize over a dozen of individual projects across East and South-East Asia to produce added scientific value on the topics of regional and contextual approaches for sustainable development of rural-urban regions. The expected contributions (of around ten to twelve presenters) in these two panels would discuss the transnational projects between German research institutions and local partners from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand with a focus on bettering of ecological factors (emissions, energy, and resource efficiency) and improving the resilience of cities in South-East Asia, without sacrificing the social and economic dimensions of sustainability. Furthermore, the described project collection has the ambition to create impetus for a permanent implementation of the developed strategies today and in the future.

The chairs and discussants of the double panel will be researchers and coordinators of the project from the Hafencity University Hamburg and the Fachhochschule Lübeck, in particular Prof. Dr. J. Noennig, Dipl.-Ing. L. Reudenbach, Dr. K. Borgmann from the HCU Hamburg, and Prof. F. Schwarze from the THL who all dedicate their work to sustainable urban development and have longstanding experiences of the different contexts across Asia.

The proposed double panel is conceptualized with the project related contributions in mind (a total of around 10 presentations). Additional papers are welcome.

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