Shifting retail landscapes in Asia – societal, economic and ecological implications

Panel organised by: Sina Hardaker (Universität Würzburg)

Panel description

The dramatic, rapid, and concurrent growth of most of Asia’s retail industries creates both tremendous opportunities and serious challenges, forcing organizations and communities to ponder over many questions requiring considerable investigation and debate. The retail industry is highly relevant for society on a plethora of levels. Retailers function as mediators between producers and consumers. As such changing retail landscapes also mirror transformations along production networks including supply and demand side aspects. By influencing and facilitating market infrastructures retailers can provide several implications, such as for nutrition, sustainability, livelihoods and gender. Retailers are facing the need to achieve exceptionally high levels of territorial embeddedness in order to obtain organizational legitimacy and acceptance among customers in the respective markets Especially Asian countries, such as China, India, but also smaller ones such as Myanmar or Vietnam, are being shaped by transformation processes, market liberalization, a growing middle-class and a quick adoption of digital retail forms. The required embeddedness not only leads to the shaping of market landscapes through retailers but also vice versa to the adaptation e.g. of strategies or management culture of (trans)national retailers.

This panel is dedicated to contemporary but also traditional phenomena and transformation processes in retail, including operations with respect to physical and digital retailing, but also regarding societal and social impacts, such as consumption patterns or workers’ rights. Submission around the following topics are particularly encouraged:

  • Food production and consumption
  • Shopper/consumer behaviour
  • Nutrition and sustainability
  • Agro-food-chains
  • Innovation & development in retail management, operations & delivery;
  • Internationalisation of the retail industry
  • Servicescape and atmospherics in the digital retail era
  • Digitalisation in retailing
  • Business and retail analytics
  • Digital Innovation and technology in the retail environment
  • Physical and digital retail and service delivery networks
  • Contemporary issues in retail operations
  • Co-creation & enhancement of the retail service experience
  • Governance, stakeholder & community issues

Paper proposal

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